Your voice matters

Your art deserves to be seen

I believed for years that staying hidden was the best thing for me. I would create in secret and keep everything to myself. And then I would feel defeated, unseen and unheard. Deep down I wanted to be seen, but I was conditioned and afraid. Sharing my voice to the world required me to trust in myself and let go of the conditioning, heal from the fear. In this program I am sharing what I've learned so that you can do the same.

Course curriculum

  1. Chapter 1: Your Voice Matters

  2. Chapter 2: Finding your gifts

  3. Chapter 3: Healing self-doubt

  4. Chapter 4: Owning your Project

  5. Chapter 5: Letting Go of Expectations

  6. BONUS

About this course

  • $30.00
  • 18 lessons

This program contains

  • 5 lessons on self-expression and creativity

  • 14 powerful journaling prompts for self-discovery and healing

  • 4 healing meditations to reframe your limiting beliefs and liberate your voice

  • 1 energy clearing to free you from your blocks

  • 2 worksheets to help you navigate your fears and gain clarity

A program created by Hera Laskri

I am a holistic healer, inner-child coach and energy practitioner; I help people retrieve their gifts and talents and express who they truly are.

This program is for you if

  • You are a creative/entrepreneur who has projects

  • You feel that your art is not perfect enough to be shared

  • You self-sabotage in your creative process

  • You are afraid of being criticized or misunderstood

  • You procrastinate and avoid taking a first step to share your work

Are you ready to liberate your voice?


  • I've never experienced energy healing

    There is a first time for everything! The healings and activations can listen to several times for a deeper effect

  • What if I am a beginner in art?

    This program is not only for artists, it's for everyone who wants to share a project, passion or craft with the world

  • How long do we have access to the content?

    You have lifetime access to the content and its updates